23. Oregon Is Probably The Last Move You’ll Make. Oregon residents are happy residents. There’s no sales tax, you can stay in your toasty-warm car in January when refilling your tank, the people are friendly, the culture is unique and thriving, and everyone pretty much agrees to the philosophy of live and let live.

OK, more links: Becca Gillespy Peter of Pole Vault Power explains why the. be the right move. It’s no joke: Margaret Johnson Bailes’ induction into the High School Track Hall of Fame brings her.

Why is Oregon the number one place to move to? I honestly have no idea, but the latest news articles want to convince you that somehow this state is paradise on Earth and the whole country is moving here in droves.

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10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Oregon City. Do you ever daydream about moving away to a beautiful, remote town? If so, the city of Bend just might be the place you’ve been dreaming of. Located in Deschutes County in central Oregon, this lovely little metropolis is full of charm and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

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The Forest Health program helps maintain and improve the health of Oregon’s private and state-owned forests. Our forest health professionals conduct aerial and.

best coastal oregon towns kate brown oregon gun control SALEM – Gov. Kate Brown on Monday held her first press conference of 2017, taking questions on a wide range of topics including gun control, education, transportation and Oregon’s public employee.Last week, we did the ultimate Oregon Coast road trip with Travel Oregon – all 363 miles of it. It was epic! This year, the People’s Coast is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the oregon beach bill, which made all of the Oregon coast public. We always love a good road trip and were so happy.

Why Did People Move West on the Oregon Trail? While settlers traveled west along the Oregon Trail for a variety of reasons, most were motivated either by land or gold. Various land acts in Oregon provided free land to pioneers, while the start of the California Gold Rush in 1848 lured thousands.

Moving to Portland Oregon. Many people consider moving to Portland Oregon, and with good reason. You’ve researched the area and found that you love the close proximity to the Oregon coast, Mt Hood, St Helens, the seemingly endless acres of forest for hiking, camping and fishing.Or perhaps you’ve fallen in love with us after discovering that we are as green as they come; setting the national.

oregonlive pers growing peanuts in oregon Boiled Peanuts – posted in Shopping, Growing & Foraging: Anyone know if I can find boiled peanuts on the store shelves here in town? Yes, I know they’re somewhat of an acquired taste. But hell if I haven’t acquired it, and I kind of have a craving for them lately.Link directly to the PERS web site to view member handbooks, FAQs, Forms and other information; View recent messages from PERS; If you have questions not answered on this web site or questions about how to use this web site, please CONTACT US.

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