oregon coast shipwrecks

Mapmaker catalogs shipwrecks of the Oregon coast in full detail. Then there are the kind of maps Ned Reed makes. "Shipwreck Chart of Oregon — 3 of 5," for example, starts with the standard snapshot of a stretch of Oregon coast between Winchester Bay and Port Orford with the points of information you might expect to see in the area.

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Oregon Coast Shipwrecks: The Graveyard of the Pacific. With over 3,000 shipwrecks along the Oregon coast, the name "Graveyard of the Pacific Coast" is certainly appropriate for these waters. For hundreds of years, every imaginable ship traveled up and down the Pacific. They came from around the globe and included schooners, square-riggers,

The Columbia River has a long history of shipwrecks.. a ship or ships that grounded on the present-day Oregon coast and later were attacked by local Indians.

Denise Porter gave tearful testimony about a series of texts and two alarming phone calls from her husband Joshua during the third day of a weeklong hearing into the Jan. 8 shipwreck off the Oregon.

By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff (Rockaway, Oregon) – Recent storm action this winter has been especially severe, perhaps even more so on the north Oregon coast.

READ MORE: 8 shipwrecks that still haunt the Oregon coast Peterson steered the ship toward shore and ordered an evacuation. The crew loaded into lifeboats and quickly paddled out into the ocean, where they watched in horror as the schooner crashed into the rocks, burned for a few minutes, then exploded, leaving only the bow and the boiler intact.

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The shipwreck of the Peter Iredale is the most visible and well-known wreck on the Oregon Coast. Located on Clatsop Spit, its skeletal structure towers above the wet sands during low tide.

That means endless opportunities to comb for agates or glass floats, catch your own Dungeness crab or razor clam, watch for whales, seals and puffins, make footprints in the sand or simply be captivated by a winter storm from inside a cozy beachfront lodge. No matter the season, the Oregon Coast is a rejuvenating getaway.

 · The Oregon coast is rich with stories about shipwrecks said to have taken place prior to the 19th century. Tales abound of Chinese junks, Spanish galleons, English pirates, and caves full of silver and swords. Scott Williams has led a team of volunteer archaeologists, historians, and other specialists in a study of these stories.

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