how many waterfalls in oregon

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A waterfall as magnificent and memorable as any in the country is located just a 30- minute drive outside of Portland. Visiting Multnomah Falls, a 611-foot-tall roaring, awe-inspiring cascade of icy water, lets you experience the power and beauty of nature up close and with ease.

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Need some tips and suggestions on winter fun in Bend, Oregon? Check out a few of our suggested itineraries to help plan your Oregon winter vacation and get the most out of your visit to Bend!

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One of the most popular waterfalls to visit in the Columbia River Gorge, and perhaps one of the most iconic natural attractions in the state, Multnomah Falls plunges for more than 600 feet to leave quite the impression on the ground below and anyone that visits. Separated by two drops, the accessible.

How cool is that? Start at the lodge, parking at the South Falls parking lot, and hike the trail The first waterfall you’ll hit is South Falls, which stands at an imposing 177 feet tall. This is one of the four More fun in the Great Outdoors. Here’s how to hack your next national park trip. and visit for free!

Most of these beautiful Pacific Northwest waterfalls are within an hour of Portland. The 620-foot fall is the tallest waterfall in Oregon and the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States. Many interstate passersby will pull over to get a glimpse of the falls from the bottom.

Visit the 611 Foot Multnomah Waterfall in Oregon. Though it was hard to break away from Multnomah Falls is a 611 foot cascading waterfall, with hiking trails to the top, just 40 minutes from We decided to see the waterfall from the most popular location, the midpoint multnomah falls bridge.

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